Today is a great day for Bihar. The passing of unanimous resolution by Bihar Assembly on NRC and NPR is a great achievement for not only Bihar but it will impact whole India. As far as NRC is concerned it will not be organised in Bihar. The government of India will put it in cold storage. As far as NPR is concerned it will be conducted as per old form of 2010. In Bihar Assembly the BJP party also supported the resolution. Bihar has become the first State where BJP has resolved against implementation of NRC and also supported NPR form used in 2010. Today’s resolution will compel the government of India to accept the resolution of Bihar Assembly. Now NPR will be conducted in Old NPR form of 2010 in WHOLE India. Today it must have brought great relief to Muslims of UP in particular. We should now welcome Census and NPR operations in Bihar. Little caution is needed to check the NPR form which will released by MHA in near future. I understand all stake holders must have realised by now about futility of NRC in India, except in Assam. They must have also realised that NPR in old format will make the operation of Census and NPR smooth without any opposition.

Today is a historical day for Bihar. We must congratulate all political parties in the Assembly for passing such a beautiful, sensible and reasonable resolution. This resolution will bring turning point for concerned authorities in government of India. If the government of India issues direction as per Bihar Assembly resolution it would bring happiness to all Indians. The agitation and tension will also be impacted.

We should be also happy that the unity of Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai sab hain bhai bhai of India has brought this success. The Constitution of India is great. All Indians want to live in harmony and peace.

Dr. MA lbrahimi, IAS(R)

Political Analyst.


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