Ram Nath Kovind should be Unanimously Elected President

Ram Nath Kovind should be Unanimously Elected President 

India is passing through crucial stage when there are challenges of several social issues and fast economic development. The people need a head of State who is balanced and non controversial, knows the Constitution and law of the land. A person who has risen from deprived class is more welcome as he has experienced personally the hurdles and bias of the system.

Ram Nath Kovind is today the best candidate for election of President of Indian Republic. He qualifies on merit. Credit goes to PM Narendra Modi who picked up an unexpected candidate. But after announcement of his nomination as NDA candidate the people have realised the logical selection of his name.

Ram Nath Kovind was Governor of Bihar for three years. This period will be remembered for long as there was complete understanding between CM Nitish Kumar and Governor Ram Nath Kovind. Though the latter has RSS background but he never showed any bias against Muslim community. In fact many Muslim intellectuals had become personally close to him. He was happy in functions of Urdu organisation and Khuda Bux Oriental Public Library of Patna. Muslims of Bihar regarded him as a true secular person. The people of Bihar also felt that he believes in upholding the Constitution. There was never any criticism about his style of functioning.

The NDA has enough majority to elect Ram Nath Kovind as the President. The Congress and other secular parties should also support him for two reasons. Firstly, he is an ideal candidate for cross section of people. Imagine if NDA would have selected any candidate who has been controversial on caste, communal lines or not respecting the Constitution. NDA should be thanked for selecting a most suitable candidate for the office of President. Even this type of candidate would have won the election.

Secondly, what is fun in fighting an unnecessary election? If secular parties come forward to support Ram Nath Kovind he would be morally obliged to them also. If they do not give unanimous support then he would be only obliged to NDA and other parties like JDU for support.

Today there is an ideal opportunity for all political parties to unanimously elect Ram Nath Kovind as the President. I wish him for winning the election and becoming very successful President of India.

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