My Experience in Governance 
Dr. M.A.Ibrahimi

The powerful people in every sphere think
that they have a right to be unreasonable.

Power makes authorities hypocrite and absolute
power makes them absolute hypocrite.

In general, most of the Bihar
chief ministers did not trust Bihari IAS
and IPS officers belonging to castes
other than the caste of the CM.

In democracy people get
the government they deserve and
the government gets the
bureaucracy it deserves.

The polity of India, politico-bureaucratic
culture of governance, is largely
guided by 3Cs: Casteism, Communalism
and Corruption.

To be good human being:
Obey law of land, uphold morality of society and
follow true teachings of religion.

My experience as a public servant has
been both satisfactory and disappointing.

I want to share my journey of life and
experiences in bureaucracy and governance
with people across the spectrum.


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