I have visited Singapore thrice.

  • In 1995 while returning from Hong Kong after attending a seminar on ISO 900.
  • On 18th May 1996 reached Singapore enroute to Australia and New Zealand as a member of high power delegation. I stayed at hotel Imperial Oxyleyrise. From there we boarded flight reaching Perth on 20th May 1996.
  • While returning from Australia I stayed at Kuala Lumpur for few days. On Thursday 2nd April 1998 I boarded Singapore Airlines flight and reached Singapore at 5.50 p.m. without going out of the airport I boarded the same day the flight at 9.40 pm reaching Delhi at 00.40 am. The Changi international airport like some other modern international airport is far away from the city.

Created out of Malaysia, Singapore is a city-country has its unique character. It is inhabited by Chinese and Indians mostly hailing from Tamil Nadu. Indians have played important roles in politics and business. There is little India where my visit is compulsory. Here I was surprised to see people eating Indian paratha with fork and knife. This appears to be symbol of adaptation of culture. The city is clean and transport system excellent.

Changi airport : The Changi international airport is huge and modern airport located away from city. While travelling to Far East it is an important point for changing airplane.

Sentosa Island : Singapore has sky scrapers without affecting its aesthetic culture. Flora, fauna and ecology are well protected. There is a golf course which is always busy and costly to enjoy in comparison of Indian’s golf courses. Museum based on sea life is also well developed.

Sentosa Island is a great attraction which has golden sandy beaches. I went through the glass tunnel and watched unique world of fishes, dolphin and sharks.

Streamlining of Traffic : I like the traffic regulation in Singapore. It can be adopted by countries like India. First the driving license is very costly to procure. It is granted for specific period only. There is more than 100% duty on import of cars. If the person wants to purchase another car then he has to pay prohibitive tax. Besides the heavy import duty and taxes there are about a dozen permissions needed for driving a car. That is why public transport is cheaper, comfortable and preferable. In India affluent and middle class family have culture to show of cars in the society. It is horrible experience in driving cars in Delhi, Mumbai and Patna and other cities. Traffic jams have become daily routine. If restriction of owning only one car or maximum two cars in any family is imposed the prevalent traffic chaos can be managed properly. It is surprising concerned transport authorities are beating about the bush only.

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