I visited Thailand twice, on both occasion while going to Australia. The first time in May 1996 and the  second time in March 1998.

In 1996 along with members of delegation I visited Bangkok and made a day trip to Pattaya beach.

Bangkok is a vibrant tourist destination with shopping centres and places for entertainment. The city looks quite chaotic but sky train is a great help. Tuk-tuks were very useful mode of transport in the city area. Thailand and specifically Bangkok follows culture of Europe and also retains significance of Buddhist monuments and culture. Because of large number of tourists and expats working there it is a cosmopolitan city. It is regarded as favourite place for vacationing.

Its night life is unique. Soon after getting out of airport there are agents who arrange accommodation in hotels and make tourist’s entertainment plan. In city areas agents with photo albums roam around and contact tourists. The entertainment show of dance and music is fine but beyond that the tourist may risk his life. Once the sun sets over Bangkok, the city starts to dazzle. Neon lit signs in street and arcades welcome tourists to variety of clubs, bars and theatres. There are many glamorous clubs and bars as well.

Because of strategic location of Thailand, Bangkok occupies an important centre for trade and business.  The shops selling textiles and garments are popular. Here brand quality products are available at low price. Indra market is among popular shopping places where I made some purchases.

While moving on the road we mistook a group of women school teachers as navy officers as they were wearing white uniform similar to navy officers. When we asked why they wore such uniform they told that uniform helps in inculcating discipline among young students.

Pattaya Beach: I along with members of the delegation  went to Pattaya beach for a day out. Pattaya is city located about 165 km southeast of Bangkok. The beach is clean. It is an important tourist destination where tourists go for vacations.

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