Hong Kong located at the corner of mainland China has been always an attraction to me. It was then a British colony but decision to give it back to China was already taken. I wanted to see Hong Kong before it merged with China. The opportunity came in 1995. I was selected by National Productivity Council of India of government of India to attend one week training course on ISO 9000 at Hong Kong. This course was organized by Asian Productivity Organization at Hong Kong. There were two participants from India.

I took Singapore airlines and landed at Hong Kong international airport. The sight was quite frightening as the landing long runway was a long strip in the sea. The crew of the flight told me that there is no accident at the runway as the pilots take extra precaution while landing and taking off. Later when I was on way to Japan in July 2007 my plane had landed at the new international airport of Hong Kong and it was much relief to see the vast airport constructed after merger of Hong Kong with China. The new airport is located at Chek Lap Kok off Lantau Island.

After landing at the airport I took a taxi to reach my hotel in Kowloon where our training and stay was arranged. The course on ISO 9000 with participants from several Asian countries was very enjoyable. It was only during meal that I used to be careful as the dishes served were aplenty but more catering tastes of Chinese and Europeans.

Hong Kong comprises of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and New Territories. Hong Kong is Manhattan in the east. Due to paucity of space the city is mushroom of sky scrapper buildings. Literally if somebody wants to see the top of the building his cap or hat will fall down. Besides roads on ground floor there are roads on higher floors as well. Victoria Harbour is a jewel full of activities. In night it dazzles like diamond. I noticed that shopping is a popular activity. The entire city was clean.

One thing very romantic I noticed in Hong Kong. The newlywed couples accompanied by their very close friends and relations visit lovely parks and gardens full of variety of flowers and fountains for film shootings. The bridegroom and bride wear their finest wedding dress and play romance which is made memorable by making still photos and videos. The parks are specially designed and maintained for such purposes also. The parks are busy almost whole day. I congratulated few couples on the occasion.

I also saw the race course. The people watch and participate in the betting on race horses. Though the area was small but other infrastructure was superb.

The then and the last Governor of Hong Kong was Chris Patten. The British flag came down over Hong Kong on 30th June 1997. It became part of mainland China. However, the Chinese government decided to retain the erstwhile economic system and privileges to its people.

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