Rohingya Hindus victims of Myanmar Army


The beastly cruelty of the Myanmar army and the government in launching genocide of Rohingya population is now well known throughout the world. The role of Aung Suu Kyi is being criticized by world leaders and the people everywhere. She did not dare to face the anger of the world at UN General Assembly. A university has withdrawn the honorary degree conferred on her earlier. There is a demand to snatch away her Nobel Peace Prize also. She and top army generals should be prosecuted at International Court of Justice for waging genocide and ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims and Hindus who speak same language Bengali.The role of the army since Independence of Myanmar is raw history. They killed their own elected leaders and trampled upon democracy. They are the most uncivilized, barbaric, beastly and savage army in the world who are massacring people of their own country.

The role of the army since Independence of Myanmar is raw history. They killed their own elected leaders and trampled upon democracy. They are the most uncivilized, barbaric, beastly and savage army in the world who are massacring people of their own country.

Facing strong criticism from the world the army and the government of Myanmar have launched mischievous campaign and propaganda to divide the Rohingya into religious lines, Hindus, and Muslims. They do not want the people and the government of India to show any humanitarian concern for the hapless Rohingya Muslim refugees in India.

The Myanmar army is now floating rumors that Rohingya Hindus were killed by Rohingya militants. Earlier they tried to tell the world that fleeing Rohingiyas Muslims burnt their own houses and villages. The world rejected the allegation of Myanmar with total disbelief and contempt. Someday it may tell the world that Rohingya Muslims killed each other and cut their bodies into pieces or burnt alive themselves. In communally and politically surcharged environment such rumor and propaganda triumphs may be for a short time.

I want to expose lies and propaganda of Myanmar that Rohingya Hindus were killed by Rohingya Muslim militants.

  1. Rakhine and other states of Myanmar have a very high dominant population of Buddhists. The proportion of Rohingya Muslims and Rohingya Hindus are much smaller. Their difference in populations is also small. They speak the same language Bengali. Was there ever any Hindu – Muslim clash earlier is not known.
  2. Rohingya Hindus have the same miserable life as Rohingya Muslims.  Both of them are Stateless, no citizenship rights, no education, living life of slavery and abject poverty. They shared the same agony, hardship, and fate. Their tongue is Bengali. For a dominant ethnic population, they are Rohingyas only. Both Hindus and Muslims face torture and atrocity from dominant population.
  3. While fleeing from Rakhine, Myanmar why Rohingya Hindus did join the Rohingya Muslims to cross into the territory of Bangladesh, a dominant Muslim country. Had they got any sympathy or support of the army or dominant Buddhist population Rohingiya Hindus would have remained in their villages or migrated internally in Myanmar itself? They could have marched down south to Yangon. But they did not. They took refuge in a Muslim country. It is because of Rohingiyas whether Hindus or Muslims have good relation since centuries. They are together even in tragedy.
  4. The government of Bangladesh and NGOs is looking after both Hindus and Muslims refugees equally without any bias and discrimination. For doing humanitarian services in refugee crisis Bangladesh has got appreciation from the world in spite of limited resources and land. The solution to the crisis of Rohingya refugees lies much in the policy and approach of Bangladesh. India may be already in contact with the government of Bangladesh on this issue in spite of some noises from some domestic quarters. We should always remember that political parties and governments come and go but foreign policy, by and large, remain the same. Moreover, the image of India is also at stake in the world. Do we not appreciate the governments of Canada, Germany and other European countries for handling refugees in their countries? India had also welcomed refugees from Tibet,    Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh in the past. India’s greatness also reflects in humanitarian traditions.
  5. Bangladesh media have to play an important role in handling Rohingiyas refugees in Cox Bazaar.  Besides Rohingya Muslim, they should also speak to Rohingya Hindu refugees also and highlight their tragedy. The Dhaka Tribune has published an account of a Hindu woman refugee taking shelter in Cox Bazar how her husband and family were taken along with other people of the village who were massacred and buried.
  6. It is to be noted that no Rohingya Hindu refugee has said that they were attacked by Rohingya Muslims militants.
  7. Whatever is propagated from inside Myanmar cannot be believed. Every criminal blames others for his crime. Myanmar is now hiding its sin, deed of genocide.
  8. Myanmar is showing few graves alleged to be of Rohingiya Hindus. But the army has made hundreds of such graves of Rohingiyas. They even threw Rohingiyas live in trenches and covered them using earth moving machines. The graves being shown are among them only.
  9. The Myanmar army is stage managing some alleged statement of Rohingiya Hindus about Rohingya Muslim militants. But Aung Suu Kyi and the army is also propagating that the Rohingya Muslim population is happy with the treatment meted out to them by the army and they are living peacefully in Myanmar. Such media misinformation shows the threat of life being used to give statements in favor of army. In the custody of diehard criminals, innocent persons do write statements in favor of such criminals. Such statements are rejected by the justice system.
  10. Rohingya Hindu and Muslim refugees have the same problem of fate and future. Their destiny is tied together.

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