Colony for Kashmiri Pandits

I have empathy with minority communities, the world over. I am a strong supporter of Kashmiri Pandits. I admire those Kashmiri Pandits who did not leave Kashmir valley in most adverse conditions. I understand they witnessed more casualties and violence against Kashmiri Muslims in the valley. So, they lived bravely with majority community there. Those Kashmiri Pandits who left the valley need to go back to their homes, their villages, their kasbas, their towns where their properties lie. Neither it will be in their interest nor politically correct in the long run to be housed in some cluster colonies in the valley. They should be helped to construct their houses in the vicinity of their old houses. Their intermingling with other residents will promote a culture of Kashmiriat which can again make the valley heaven on this earth.
My advice is to promote intermingling than creating isolated colonies in the valley.
There is a greater danger in the rest part of India where communal riots keep on taking place. In future, the government may have to build separate isolated colonies for affected Muslim, Christian, and other minority communities. Will it be in the interest of national integration?
Dr. MA Ibrahimi
Social Scientist

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