A Bureaucrat who turned into a Management Guru

A Bureaucrat who turned into a Management Guru

“Every fresh assignment has been a new learning experience for me which was unique in both success and disappointment,” Ibrahimi says.

It is not often that a bureaucrat has impeccable credentials, both academic and administrative. But one find both these qualities in ample measure in Dr. M.A. Ibrahimi who served as Principal Secretary and Sec­retary in the Bihar Government. Ibrahimi, IAS, always wanted to do something worthwhile for society. He was serving serv­ing as Managing Director till last year of the Central Cottage Industries Corporation of In­dia (CCIC) under the Ministry of Textiles. Now he has been posted in Bihar in the rank of Chief Secretary. One of his policies which got fame and name to the nation was the CCIC’s retail outlet which was put at the Commonwealth Games Village. It was the prime attraction during the games among the athletes and the par­ticipants. The athletes and the participants carried India’s han­dloom and handicraft products from the outlet to their homes and countries.



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