Leaders of Secular Parties Helping BJP

Leaders of Secular Parties Helping BJP.

The election result of UP showed how leaders of so called secular parties carelessly played gamble with secular votes and helped BJP in coming to power with massive unprecedented majority. They did not take lessons from the electoral humiliation.

In election for MCD in Delhi the secular leaders fielded candidates for fun and self importance without caring for consequences. The inevitable happened. JDU and RJD without logic participated in the Delhi MCD election dividing secular votes. In any case their leaders should always remember that they head state level regional parties only. If JDU and  RJD contested MCD election for fun and ego the political acumen of Congress and AAP is seriously questionable. They fought the election separately to reduce themselves to such low position.

When would the leaders of the so called secular parties learn any lesson or are they deliberately behaving in this fashion to help BJP to come to power throughout India. If their mindset is not corrected Bihar will get BJP rule in next Assembly election. 

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