The world famous Monte Carlo, its capital Monaco, located in the south of France is a principality. It is regarded as a global centre for casinos, glamour, fashion, car race and international events. The variety of games of Casino was phenomenal. Besides traditional gambling facilities there are electronic gambling machines as well. I was so much engrossed that I went on betting on race of electronic horses for about an hour. I won sometimes but ultimately I was a loser by few dollars. However, I saw a rich person loosing heavily when playing the circular disc. He did not mind loosing, on lookers were.

The rich, glamorous, famous and celebrities spend their times here.

The place is thus very costly to live in.

I saw the palaces and houses of rich, famous powerful people from all over the world. Many exiled princes, dictators and former prime ministers have their mansions or resorts. Some film stars of Hollywood also havetheir houses or apartments in this beautiful place.

I took evening tea at a restaurant where glamorous waitress served thecustomers. I took dinner with my group at a glamorous restaurant atMonte Carlo, Monaco.

I think visit to Monte Carlo is a must for any tourist visiting southern France.

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