On 7thApri 1992 at 7.45am, I left Brussels and reached Amsterdam in Holland during my European tour.  Holland is famous for large number of wind mills, network of canals, agriculture farms, and dairy farms. It is recognized world over as country of abundance of milk and cheese. The capital, Amsterdam is famous for diamond cutting and polishing industry. Prostitution is legalized in Holland which is obvious from location of red light area in posh area of diamond centre. After sightseeing I stayed at Sisle about 30 kms from Amsterdam. It is world famous for tulip fields of red and yellow colours.

I spent a couple of days in Holland. It has planned network of canal which is unique in the world. I visited cheese farms where I tasted varieties of cheese. I also visited wooden shoe factory. The farmers wear the wooden shoes while working on agricultural fields at irrigation canals. The wind mills were found all over country side.


I took Amsterdam canal cruise.I saw the Dam square.

Amsterdam is among the important transit points in the world. I attended a demonstration of diamond cutting and polishing. In the same locality was situated red light area where women were standing at their windows in their lingerie inviting by gesture the prospective clients. I felt scared to be around the place for more time. Who knew their toughies might have forcibly taken me inside the house.

I stayed with the tourist group at a resort atVanLisse on 7th April. This area is full of tulip cultivation. There were large farms of red and yellow tulip flowers. The landscape is captivating.  After Bollywood film Silsila tulip farms became very attractive to the Indian audience. There I met my student days’ pen friend Greetika Athmer of Eindhoven and her husband. I gifted some silk materials. She in return gifted me a big spoon type wooden grain measure used in kitchen.

During my tour of Holland I purchased small wooden shoe model in which stitching needles are kept, wind mills, key rings and stickers as souvenir items.

On 8th April I left the hotel at 7.30am for Germany.

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