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On the 30th June after the graduation ceremony for FIPED programme of HIID of Harvard University was over at North Conway. Mr. Ata Mallick, a relative of mine picked me up from the ceremonial venue. He took me in his car from North Conway and crossed America Canada border in the evening. In the night we reached Montreal and stayed at his relation’s house. Next morning on the 1stJuly  I saw Montreal. I went to the hill top to see the panoramic view of the Montréal. It is French-speaking city. The people believe in enjoying leisure. After that we left Montreal for Toronto. On the way we traveled parallel to America-Canada border and stretch called thousand lakes. It is a fact that the scene of long stretch riverside of thousand lakes is out of the world. At every step it appears that the place is an ideal location for leisure and to enjoy the nature. On the way I visited the campus of beautiful university also. In the night I reached Toronto. As the Ist July happens to be Independence Day of Canada we saw several celebrations on the way. Even police was distributing Canadian flags. At night there were fireworks in the harbour of Toronto and other places.

I saw most of the important tourist attractions of Toronto. It is capital of Ontario State. It appeared that the people were enjoying life in leisure way, sitting on benches under trees, restaurant, sea beaches or elsewhere.

Whenever I visit any important city in the world and if there is a tower I make it a point to climb the tallest tower of the city. In Toronto also I climbed the CN, Canadian National Tower. As expected in such towers there were observatory, telecommunication facility, restaurants and other attractions.

Toronto harbour is very beautiful where I saw several ship anchored there. The view of sea front was panoramic. The view of the city from boat was also memorable.

I also visited a shopping area which is called Chandni Chowk which is popular among Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. It is full of Indian restaurants, garments stores, grocery stores, Hindi films CDs shops, betel shops and ethnic items stores. There was a restaurant named Dilli Darbar also.  Bollywood songs, played loud, completed a total Indian environment.

Just for sightseeing I I visited the Toronto Pearson International Airport also. I learnt that in USA and Canada passenger’s proof of identity was necessary even for domestic air travel. Till then this was not introduced in India for domestic travel.

On 3rd July I accompanied Ata and his family and reached Niagra falls. I was captivated by the beauty of Niagra falls. I made video film also. In fact I went below the ground to capture unique thrilling and enchanting waterfalls taking risk of damaging camera lens from shower and mist. There were boats encircling below the falls in which more enthusiastic tourists wearing blue or yellow water proof jackets enjoyed the scene in the mist.  I spent much time there. After that we proceeded to catch flight from Buffalo airport to Washington. Ata Mallick is an expert in driving. But there was some confusion in taking the correct route. However, I could reach Buffalo airport only after the boarding was closed and the craft was about to taxi. However, the staff of the airlines accommodated me. This was a small aircraft of United Airlines. I reached the Washington Dulles airport   of Washington DC in the evening.

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