BJP and Congress Fight over Internet Data Leak

The government of India is agitated over the role of Cambridge Analytica and Facebook in influencing election process in India. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, an American has been threatened to be summoned in India for court proceedings. At the same time, it has been stated that data of Aaadhar are secured in a very thick wall. Both assertions are in a way contradictory. The digital world has broken all barriers ushering in a New Information Order in which the government and authorities are becoming irrelevant. The data collected in Aaadhar and other fora are prone to be stolen through use of advanced technology. Why the houses of rich people are targeted for burglary. Because of storage of huge data by UIDAI in Aadhaar not only the privacy of individual citizens has been breached and made susceptible to manipulation but security and policy of the government and the country (India) have become prone to threat and blackmail.

No thick wall can protect data in a digital world and artificial intelligence. There would be person or organization which will take over control, partly or fully, on internet information domain. The controlling power of governments in the world over digital information may just vanish. The data stored by the government may become a liability than an asset. But because of the short-sightedness of the government,, the realization of its helplessness will come too late.

It appears that not many governments, including of India, have taken a lesson from disclosures of top-secret information by Edward Snowden of the USA and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks of Australia. There may be many such persons working on the same job today unnoticed. The sky of the digital world is really limitless. Lack of wisdom today will imperil India and the world tomorrow.



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