Switzerland has always been talking point when discussing an ideal vacation destination. It has been also in the news for stashing of black money in its banks who maintain very high degree of secrecy about the depositors. I got the opportunity to visit Switzerland in April 1992 after completing my studies of MBA at the University of Hull in United Kingdom. I along with my wife travelled through Western Europe on Cosmos tourist bus. Western Europe is so small in comparison to continents of Asia, Africa and Americas. It was easy and affordable to visit several countries of Western Europe in one go. While travelling to western European countries I entered Switzerland twice, first in the north and later in the east to visit Geneva. Switzerland is located in central Europe in the Alps mountain range. I visited Basel, Bern, Zurich and Geneva.

I stayed at Basel an important international financial centre. Basel is located at the meeting point of France, Germany and Switzerland. Germany’s picturesque town sprawled on both sides of river is flanked by French Vosage and Germany’s Black forest. The headquarters of two giant pharmaceutical companies Novartis and Roche are located here. Four centuries ago, Basel was the centre of silk trade in Europe. All types of ribbons and fabrics are made here, and the corresponding need for research in chemicals for dyeing process led to modern day pharmaceutical products. Basel has old town charms and terracotta roof tops.

I visited Bern, the capital of Switzerland. The Parliament building was easily accessible for public at large, without hassle and tension.  The buses and tram were passing by it. A small vegetable market was even located near it. I do not know about present position now.

Zurich was also an important tourist destination where restaurants and courtyards were full of tourists from all over the world. It is again famous for banking and finance.

Geneva will always remain an important city due to location of offices of United Nations, WTO and ILO. The fountain in the lake is most beautiful attraction. I roamed around the city. Even the travel by bus across Switzerland was spectacular with beauty of nature all around. Rightly it is considered to be an ideal place for a quite vacation. It still remains among favourite location for shooting of Bollywood films. As a souvenir I purchased a Swiss Knife besides some other items.

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